For Whom Shall We Pray? – 6/11/2017

This is a weekly blog post designed to call us to an active role in prayer.  You are invited to share, comment or add any reflections, requests etc.
– A Trinitarian congregation –
What does this look like at St. Paul’s Emmanuel?
What is God calling you to? Any ideas for this?  What other conversations do you have regarding this?

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  1. Larry Hicks

    For me, the trinitarian aspect of my Faith can also be represented in the fact that I have an executive-ordering conscious intellect analogous with the Father, a physical body which both IS and IS NOT contiguous with that aspect rather like the Son, and the breath of Life, an immortal soul which corresponds to the Spirit. This also makes me think that when I am helping my fellow-children of God along the path (let’s face it– that’s the real reason we’re here) of Return, I must remember always to engage all aspects of THEIR personal existence in all its trinitarian glory too. If I address the mind but do not help the body, what good is that? If I entertain the spirit with beauty but leave the mind dull and the body hungry and wanting, what good is that? No, by paying careful attention to the meaning of the whole mystery of the Trinity I am enriched, and my views and abilities to help my fellows broadened immeasurably.

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